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February 7, 2023

Tom Wagner CEO
Berkshire Grey, Inc.
140 South Road
Bedford, MA 01730 Dear Tom:
SoftBank Group Corp. ("SoftBank") is pleased to provide this initial, non-binding indication of interest ("IOI") for the potential
acquisition (the "Proposed Transaction") of I 00% of the capital stock of Berkshire Grey, Inc. (" Berksh ire" or the "Company") by SoftBank or one of its affiliates. As we have discussed, SoftBa nk great ly admires Berkshire and believes that a partnership with SoftBank will position Berkshire for long-term success . This letter sets out  the indicative  terms  of  our  non-binding  proposal  (the "Pro posal"), which we believe represents a compelling opportunit y for the Company's stockholders, employees, customers and other stakeholders. The terms of the Proposed Transaction described below are  preliminary  and are  not intended  to be a  binding  offer of any kind; all terms remain subject to SoftBank's completion of appropr iate due  diligence,  including in  respect of tax, acco unt ing,  regu lator y, s truc turi ng and other matters.

General; Structure of Proposed Transaction    Sof tBank proposes to acq uire, whether by share purchase, tender offer, merger or otherwise, 100 % of the outstanding capital stock of the Company not held (directly or indirectly) at  the  time  of  closing  by SoftBa nk. The final structure of the transaction will be as mutually agreed between SoftBank and the Compa ny, based on due diligence concerning (among other things) tax and accounting matters, as well as other considerat ions.
Price and Consideration    SoftBank proposes to acquire the Company for a per-share purchase price of $1.30, to be paid in cash.

The valuation implied is the product of SoftBank's public information-based diligence to date. The comoletio n of further diligence mav result in SoftBank ascribing more or less value to the Comoanv.
Sources of Financing    T he transaction consideration will be paid by SoftBank with available cas h on balance sheet. As such, the Proposed Transactio n will not be subject to any financing conditio ns.
Conditions and Approvals    Our Pro posal is subject to customary condition s including completion of due diligence, final app roval of SoftB ank's Investment Committee, negotiation and execution of mutually  acceptable  definitive transaction documents, and completio n of customary closing cond itio ns for a transaction of this nature, including the following:
•    receipt of (x) all governmental or regulatory approvals as may be necessary or advisab le from applicable regulatory authorities , including in respect of the expiration of the waiting period under the HSR Act and the receipt of mutua lly acceptable approval from the Committee on Foreign Inves tment in the United States, and (y) mat erial third party consents
•    customary bring-down of representations and warranties and covenants
•    absence of injunctions or legal proceedings prohibiting the Proposed Transaction
•    absence of a material adverse change with respect to the business, re sults of operation, prospects, conditio n (financial or otherwise), assets or liabilities of the Company
Anticipated Due Diligence Requests and Timing    SoftBank would seek to undertake, in a cooperat ive and expeditious manne r, custo mary due diligence, including but not  limited to  a  complete  review  of  the  Company's  financial,  tax,  legal,  technology , inte llectua l prope1ty and operational matters, agreements, and any other matters as SoftBank or its advisors deem relevant for a transaction of this size. As part of our due diligence review, SoftBank would expect reasonable access to all appropriate data and personnel ne cessa ry for such  review, and that  reasonable  add itional data requests would be honored as follow-ups.
With your cooperation, we anticipate that we can complete our due diligence review and negotiate documentation in approximately thirty (30) calendar days of entering exclusivity with the Company and assuming all requested diligence info rmation has been provided to us.


Advisors    SoftBank has assembled  a  broad  internal  team  to  conduct  our  diligence  review  and  negotiate  the transaction.  Furthermor e,  SoftBank  has  retained  advisors  in  s upport  of  this   Proposed   Transaction, includin g M orri so n & Foer ste r LLP as lega l adv iso rs among other advisors that SoftBank will ide nt if y in due course, as ap propriate.
Exclusivity    Given the significant resources that SoftBank intends to expend  to  quickly  finalize  due  diligence  and nego tiate definitive transact ion doc umentati on, the Company agrees that, during the Exclusivity Period (as defined below), the Compa ny will not, nor will it permit, any of its represe ntat ives, officers , e mp loyees, dir e ctor s, age nts , sh are ho lders, subsidiaries or affi liates (co llect ive ly, the " Seller Group") to, ini tiate, so licit, entertain, faci litate, nego tiate, acce pt, co mmuni cate rega rd ing or disc uss (or enter into any agreement or document regardin g) any proposal or offer from any perso n or group of persons, other than SoftBank and its affilia tes, that constitutes, or co uld re asonab ly be ex pected to lead to, an Acquisition Proposal (as defined below) or provide any non-public in fo rmation to any third party in connection with any Acquis iti on Prop osa l.

" Excl us ivity P e ri od" s hall m ea n th e time period beginnin g the date that this IOI is signed by the Company, and  ending  on  the  earlier of (i)  11:59  p.m.  New  York  time  on the  date  that  is  thirty  (30) calendar  d ays fo ll ow in g th e exec ution of thi s IOI by the Co mpany, and ( ii) the e ntry int o a defi nitiv e ag re e ment by SoftBank and the Company wit h res pect to the Pro posed Transac tion ; pro vid ed that , in the eve nt that the Exclus ivity P eri od  would otherwise  terminate as a  res ult of clause  (i) of  thi s  definition  ,  the Exc lusivit y P er iod sha ll be automat ica lly extended for up to two (2) success ive fifteen (15)  day ex tensions so  lo ng  as th e par ties co ntinue to negotiate in goo d fa ith wit h respect to the P ropose d T ra nsac tion as of the date that the Exclusivity Period would otherw ise ter minat e. " Ac q uisiti on P ro posa l" sha ll mean any acquis iti on  or p urcha se of any eq uity in teres t in th e Company or any of its subsidiaries (or any secur ities conve rtibl e into or exe rcisable or exc hangeab le fo r any equity inter es t in the Co mpany or its su bsidia ries) o r any merger, consolidation, share exchange, bus iness co mbin ation or simila r tran sac ti o n in vo lv in g the Co mpany or any of  its  subsidia rie s  or  a ny  sa le,  lease,  mortgage,  pledge,  exchange,  transfe r,  lice nse,   acqu is iti on  or d is pos iti o n of a ll or any su bstantial portio n of  the assets of the Company or its subs idi a ries in any sing le transaction or se ries of re lated transactions. The Company agrees to  i mmed ia te ly  notify SoftBank  if any mem ber of the Se ller G roup rece ives any indications of int e res t, req uest for information or offers in res pec t of an Acqu is iti o n P rop osa l and will comm unicate to SoftBank in reasonab le deta il the terms of any such indicat ion, req uest or offer, and will pro v ide SoftBank with copies of  a ll wr itt en co mm unicat ions relating to any such in d icat io n, re quest or offer. Immed iate ly upon executio n of thi s IO I, the Co mpany shall, and shall cause the Selle r Group to, terminate any and all ex ist in g d isc ussions or  nego tiatio ns  with any person or group of perso ns other than SoftBank and its affi lia tes regard in g  an  ac qui s iti on.  T he  Com pany represe nts that no member of the  Se ller  Group  is  party  to or bound  by any  agreement  with  respect  to  an acq uisitio n pro posa l other than unde r this IOI.
Confidentiality    F rom the date hereof and unti l a definitive  agreement regarding  the  Prop osed  Transaction  has  been executed by the parties hereto and public ly anno  unced,  exce pt  as  may  be  mutually  agreed  by  SoftBank and the Co mpan y or as may be required by applicab le law or reg ulation or jud ic ia l or ad ministra tive proceeding, neither SoftBank nor the Company sha ll, and eac h shall ca use their res pective R e pr ese nt a ti ves (as de fined be low) not to, without the written consent of the other pa rty, (i) make any public announce ment abo ut the Proposed T ransac tion, this P ro posa l or any disc uss ions related  the reto,  or (ii)  to  disclose  any Co nfidential  Info  rm a ti o n  (as  defi ned   be low)  of the other party to any other perso n or entity, other  than
the ir  respective  Representatives   on  a  legitimate  "need to  know" basis.  If suc h defi nitive agreeme nt  is not
exec  uted  for  any  reason  ,  eac h  o f  SoftBank  and  the  Company  shall,  and   shall   ca use   their   respec   ti ve Re pr ese ntat ives to, keep the existence, price and ten11S of thi s Pro p osa l, th e Pro posed T ran sac tion and any discussions  related  thereto  strictly   co  nfidentia   l,  exce pt  as   and  then  only  to   the  extent  otherwise  required by app licable law, regulation, stock ma rket requirement or judicial or ad mini s tr a ti ve proceed in g.
" R eprese ntat ives" sha ll mean, as to any pe rso n, such person 's  co ntro lled subsidiaries, affi liates, and  its and their respec tive director s, officers, employees, co nsultant s, inves tor s and le nd e rs, pro spec tive investors and financing sources, age nts and adv iso rs that receive Confidential Info rm a tion of a pa rty .
"Confiden     tial Informatio n" shall mea n, with respect to a party hereto, any and all info rmat ion  a nd materials
disclosed on or after the date hereof by such  party or any of  its  Re pr ese n tat ives by  the other  party or any of  the  othe r  patty's  Ret)rese   nta  tives   in  co n nection   with  the  Pro posed  T ra nsact ion  that  is  treated as


    co nfidential by such party, including but not limited to (a) the fact that discussions or negotiations are taking place concern ing the Proposed Transaction, (b) any proposed tenns and conditions of the Proposed Transaction and the status thereof, and (c) the existence, context, and scope of this Proposal. Confident ia l Inform atio n shall not include any inforn1ation that (1) is or becomes publicly available without breach of this IOI, (2) was known a party prior to its receipt from the other party, (3) is disclosed to a receiv ing party from any third party, except where such receiving party knows that such information was acquired or disclosed in breach of an obligation of confidentia lity, or (4) is independently developed by a party without use of any Confidential Information.
Non-Legally Binding; No Obligation to Pursue Transaction    Except for the terms set forth in sections entitled "Excl usivity," " Confidentiality," and "Governing Law; Jurisdiction" and this sect ion ent itled " Non-Legally Binding; No Obligation to Pursue T ransaction," each of which shall  be  legally binding obligatio ns on the Company and SoftBank,  this IOI does not const itute a lega lly binding document and does not create any legal obligations on the part of SoftBank, the Compan y or any of their respective affiliates to enter into any Proposed Transaction, agree to any particular terms or conditions of a Proposed Transactio n,  or  to otherwise consummate a  Proposed Transaction.  Any  legal ob ligation with respect to a Proposed Transaction will only arise afte r and subject to: (i) satisfacto ry complet ion of SoftBank's due diligence with respect to the Co mpany and the Proposed Transaction; (ii) satisfactory agreeme nt on, and execution of, written defin iti ve documentation regarding the Proposed Transaction (and, in such case, the consummation of any such Proposed Transact ion will be subject to the satisfaction or applicable waiver of the conditi o ns set forth in the definitive transaction documentation); and (iii) the necessary corporate app rovals  for  the  Proposed  Transaction  having  been  obta in e d  by Sof tBa nk. If, at any time prior to the execution of the definitive transaction documentation, eit her SoftBank or the Company determ ines, in its respective sole discret ion, not to proceed with a transaction or to discontinue discussions or negot iations, then it may  terminate these discussions  without  incu rring  any liab ility to the other party or any other person or entity (it being understood that any such termination of discussions would not affect any of the Parties' respective obligations under the sections of this IOI entitled "Exc lusivity" or " Confidentia lity" ). Neither this TOI nor any actio n taken in connect ion with this IOI will give  rise  to any obligation on the part of a party to (A) con tinue any discussions or  negotiations with the o th er party; or (B) pursue or enter into any Proposed Transaction or relationship of any nature with the other party.
Governing Law; Jurisdiction    This IOI will be governed by and construed under the laws of the State of Delaware, USA,  without  regard to choice of law or conflicts of law rules or principles. The parties hereby subm it to the jurisdiction of the Court of Chancery of the State of Delaware (or in the event, but only in the event, that such court does not have subjec t matter jurisdiction over such dispute, the Superior Court of the State of Delaware (Co mp lex Commercial Division) or, if subject matter jurisdict ion over the dispute is vested exclusively in the federal cour ts of the United States of America, the United States District Court for the District of Delawa re) over any dispute based on, arising out of, under or in connec tion wit h or relating to this IOI and each party hereby agrees that all clai ms in respect of such dispute related thereto may be  heard and determined  in such courts.

If you are in agreement with the terms set forth above, please have this IOI sig ned in the space provided below and return an executed copy prior to Friday, February 10, 2023. I wish to reiterate that SoftBa nk remains very enthusiastic about the Proposed Transactio n and appreciates the opportunity to work together with Berkshire on it. If you have any questions about this IOI or any of its terms, please do not hesitate to reach out to the team identified above.



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